July 7

CALL TO PRAYER – 9:00a.m.
S.S. – 9:30a.m.,
WORSHIP – 10:45a.m.



Missionaries to pray for this week:
Warren & Carol Cheek, UIM

Worship through Singing
“Holy Is The Lord”
“Behold the Lamb”
“Wonderful Merciful Savior”

“Christ Is Mine Forevermore”

(No Children’s Church – cancelled for summer months)

Message – Pastor Bob Gannon – “Pentecost”, part 5, various

“Holy Spirit”


  6:30p.m.  “The Puritans”


  MORE SERMONS available at sermonaudio.com – on the my church link type in “pleasantview”
**Broadcast on KMMJ Sunday Morning at 8:30**


Children – all ages through high school
Newcomers Class – Paul & Dori H.
Women’s Class – Ephesians
Adult Class: Deuteronomy taught by Bob D. and Casey H.



“Refreshments with Jesus” – Ladies, you are invited to join us…Come and enjoy sweet fellowship and beautiful prayer time.  Every Monday 7am-8am through July 8th in the Gathering Room.


Come be involved in Shared Prayer;

PRAYER TEAM ~ Wednesday 7-8/ Gathering Place (former Missions Room) (For full hour, come and go, drop in, pray aloud or silently)

 CALL TO PRAYER: Sunday morning 9-9:25  Gathering Place (focused on ALL Sunday activities and people involved).

We are purging items from the church library!  On the two tables in the foyer there are a number of VHS and cassette tapes FREE for the taking.


Congratulations to Tom & Gen Weir on the birth of Elizabeth.

Due soon, Lee & Cindy Benson baby – So, we’d like to shower the Weirs & Bensons with casseroles and cookies…

You may bring your casserole/cookies to PV and leave them in the freezer, marked with recipient and cooking instructions for the casserole.


To help those from our church family who are in need of assistance from time to time, we have a small food pantry in the south coat room. We would love for this to be used.  “If you would like to give to the food pantry, please only non- perishable items.”

If you have any questions please contact Beth Gimpel. 402-366-8521

Christian Women’s Connection, July 16, 7p.m. at PVBC.  “Stand Firm for Freedom”, “Finding Belonging in My Search for Truth”, $5
For reservations and cancellations, contact Cindy 308-249-6197, cbartonweir@gmail.com or Deb 402-694-6277, stroester@hamilton.net by July 12.

Evelyn Buller has moved to Westfield Quality Care in Aurora.  She is in room #208.  Thank you for your prayers for her as she makes this transition and that her broken arm would heal without too much pain.