* Roland & Deanna Broeder · Hudson, Kansas

Roland grew up on a dairy farm in Nebraska and has a degree in Production Agricultural.  He received Christ as his Savior at an AMF camp when he was 7.  Roland graduated from Grace University in Omaha and has been an AMF Missionary in Minnesota since April 1996. Deanna was born in Meade, Kansas and moved to Nebraska when she was 12. She received Christ as her Savior at age 5. Deanna is also a graduate of Grace University in Omaha and has her degree in Elementary Education. She loves scrap booking (Creative Memories). Roland and Deanna met while attending Grace University in Omaha. While on a summer missions trip to Europe Roland proposed to Deanna on the Eiffel Tower in Paris and they were married the following summer on May 26, 1990. The Broeders have four children: Dustin, Anthony, Ryan and his twin sister, Kylie.  The work we primarily do is working with youth.  Our goal is to reach the yet unreached people in central Kansas for Jesus Christ.  We are currently working with a Youth Group in Hudson. Roland will be visiting many pastors in the community sharing his desire for ministry with them. Through these contacts and meeting other people in the area, we are looking forward to the new ministries that will develop as God opens doors.



Rick and Fairy Hattan both grew up in the Aurora, Nebraska area.  As children they responded to the Gospel; Fairy trusting Christ at age 4, and Rick at age 10.  The Lord used the ministry of their local church and Bible camps to mold and guide their lives. After graduating from High School, they attended the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago.  Fairy majored in Church Music and Rick in Christian Education.  Upon graduating from Moody, they were married and served as Youth and CE Director at Itasca Evangelical Free Church in Itasca, IL. Following their work in Itasca they returned to their home area in Nebraska where Rick was involved in farming and plumbing.  While farming, the Lord began giving them a strong desire to serve Him in full time ministry.  The influence of children’s ministries in their lives as well as their involvement in local Awana Clubs was used by God to lead them to become Awana Missionaries in 1985.  They serve the area of Nebraska and southeast Wyoming.  During their time as Awana Missionaries their area has grown from 75 churches to over 133.  Their responsibilities include: Presenting the Awana ministry to new churches, Training leadership, Conducting fall Leadership Conferences, Sponsoring Bible Quizzes, Sponsoring the AwanaGames, Speaking at clubs and awards nights, Evaluating clubs, and Equipping ministry teams. Rick and Fairy have four children: Kristin, Josh, Titus and Celeste.


The Christian Resource Center is a religious non-profit organization, which is evangelical in doctrine, non-denominational in affiliation, and inter-denominational in practice.  The Christian Resource Center exists to further Christ’s kingdom by assisting local churches and individuals in times of need, training believers for righteous living and skillful ministry, and reaching out to local communities with the gospel of Christ. This mission is accomplished through the personal ministries of the Directors and by customizing programs and ministries to meet the ever-changing needs of local churches, individuals, and communities.  CRC has a strong commitment to helping enhance and strengthen the ministry of local churches.  CRC has been serving the area since 1976.

* Paul & Kathy Nauman · Giltner, Nebraska

Paul is an ordained minister and is one of the founders of CRC.  He has over 35 years experience in ministry, ranging from youth work to the pastorate.  As part of his duties at CRC, Paul is the pastor at Stockham Community Church.  Paul and his wife, Kathy, have 2 grown sons, a grown daughter, and several grandchildren.



* Glenn Juett · Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Glenn of Aurora, NE and Mary Lou of Cordell, OK met while studying at Grace College of the Bible in Omaha, NE.  Glenn went on to study a course in Missionary Medical Service especially in Dentistry.  In 1958 he left the shores of the US for Language school in Costa Rica and then on to Bolivia for missionary service.  He spent his first term not only teaching at the Hebron Bible College in Camiri, which was located on a small farm, but also helping direct the farm work which was for the purpose of helping to support the students and teach them some ways of agriculture, as most of them were from the country side. In May of 1962, Glenn and Mary Lou, now a graduated RN, were sure of God’s leading in their lives together for service in Bolivia.  They were married on August 25 of that same year and arrived at their place of service in Bolivia in May of the following year. “For just about 10 years we worked with the farm and Bible School, then we moved back to town from where we traveled out to the rural villages to train leaders in the local churches.  In 1974 while on furlough God provided a new pickup and camper to help make our country work a bit more comfortable.  Also while in the country, we both did medical work, because at that time there was really no help for the poor.  During this time that we spent most of our time in the country, our two children, Becky and Curtis, were at boarding school some distance away.  We were able to use the truck and camper to go and stay weekends with them at different times.” In the later 1990’s Glenn did most of his traveling to villages only on weekends and usually with another several national brothers.  Mary Lou did not go out but had a very effective ministry teaching, not only the ladies, but also the young people at the local church.  However, she continued with the ministry of women’s conventions in the various areas. “As time passed, we knew we must have help and eventually turn over the work to someone younger. God prepared just the right couple who worked with us for almost a year and in 1998 after a short furlough, we made our move to the city of Santa Cruz where David & Becky, and Curtis & Wendy were now working as career missionaries.  We were able to purchase a small house where we are quite comfortable.” Our main ministry here is helping with the small struggling church “Rios De Agua Viva”.  Glenn was responsible for putting up the church building, a small parsonage, and Sunday School rooms.   However, he continues some in the film ministries and rural weekend conferences.  While Mary Lou has a regular Home Bible Study with ladies of the city, does speaking and teaching at women’s ministries by invitation, plus she will again be taking the Chapel times at the Christian Learning Center. “We are on retirement status with Gospel Missionary Union, however, not much has changed since retirement.  As to how long we will be here, we have no further direction but to trust the Lord day by day, praising Him for health to keep on, and for a church that is behind us in support and prayers.”


*Kirk & Sarah Springer – Kansas City, KS

Kirk and Sarah serve with Campus Crusade for Christ ministering to the 120,000 college students in and around Kansas City.  Together they serve at Johnson County Community College, University of Central Missouri and Pittsburg State University.  Sarah also works with Kansas City Kansas Community College and Park University.  Additionally Kirk serves in various administrative capacities for their team.

Kirk joined the staff of Campus Crusade in 2004 and has been serving in the Kansas City area since 2005.  They were married in the summer of 2006 and Sarah joined staff in the winter of 2007.


* Warren & Carol Cheek ·

Warren is from Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  He accepted Christ at a young age and felt God calling him to full time service while attending Mt. Elim Bible camp in the late 60’s.  Carol is from Lakewood, Colorado.  She accepted Christ early in life and committed her life to full time service during her high school years. Warren and Carol met in 1977 at Western Bible College (Denver). They married on May 6, 1979 and began their ministry together immediately.  They served two local churches; the first in Aurora, Nebraska (Sept 1979 through May 1980); and the second in Englewood, Colorado (Sept 1980 through March 1985).  They also managed Mt. Elim Bible Camp near Steamboat Springs, CO for four summers (1979, 1980, 1981, 1983).  Warren graduated from Denver Seminary in 1983. They have three children: Elaine was born in Englewood, CO in 1982.  Silas was born in North Platte, NE in 1985 and graduated from Greeley West High School in 2003.  Charissa was born in Hazelton, British Columbia, Canada in 1990. The Cheek family has served with UIM since February 1985.  Their first assignment with UIM was to discover a support team who would pray, encourage and give financially.  (February 1985-April 1986). The summer of 1985 Warren served as the staff coordinator for Maranatha Bible Camp at Maxwell, Nebraska.  From May 1986 through August 1987 Warren served as the interim director of UIM’s Broken Arrow Ranch, located south of Gallup, NM.  Next they served on a church planting team among the Gitxsan and Wet’suwet’en tribes in central British Columbia, Canada (September 1987-May 1995).  Warren also served as the UIM Canada director from June 1991 through April 1995.  They moved to Flagstaff, Arizonia in May 1995 and Warren became the UIM general director in October of that year.  In October 1999 the board of UIM decided the core administration of UIM should establish an international office in the Denver region.  They moved to Greeley in late May 2000 and began the process of setting up the international office.  The Cheeks have moved 22 times in 23 years, but feel they really aren’t that unstable!  They have been willing to accept ministry assignments that have included living in many borrowed and rented quarters for three to four months at a time.  The longest they have been able to stay in one house is 5 years (Arizona).



* Bill & Terri Honsberger · Aurora, Colorado

Bill and Terri live in Colorado.  They have eight children, five of whom are adopted.  Bill has been working with and around cults for over 20 years.  For the past twelve years he has worked for Haven Ministries, a ministry that focuses on evangelizing people in cults, the New Spirituality and other non-Christian religions.  Bill has a Bachelors degree from Western Bible College in Pastoral Theology, a Master of Arts Degree in Systematic Theology from Denver Seminary, numerous hours in graduate study in Philosophy and History at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the University of Colorado-Boulder, and is currently in the Doctoral program at the University of Denver/Iliff Seminary.  He has also taught as an adjunct professor at several Christian schools.  He speaks at colleges and churches around the country and has had numerous television, radio and newspaper interviews.  He is also on the national board for Evangelical Ministries to New Religions (EMNR), a network of Counter cult/apologetic ministries from around the country.


* Duane & Marilyn Gibson · Mission, Texas

Duane grew up on a small farm in southeast Iowa.  He accepted the Lord at the age of 11.  In Junior High he surrendered to God’s call to a full-time Christian ministry and in High School he dedicated his life to foreign missions.  Upon graduating from college in 1967, Duane took six months of practical missionary training (which included three months with the Navigators and three months of additional church training for missions).  In January, 1968, he began working with the Spanish speaking people on the Texas/Mexican border.  Feeling a desire to go on into Latin America, in August, 1970, Duane embarked on language training at the Rio Grande Bible Institute and Language School.  It was during this time that Duane met Marilyn Dieckman.  They were united in marriage on December 16, 1971.  The following July Duane and Marilyn joined Pleasant View Bible Church where they were then commissioned to the mission field. Marilyn was born and reared in Aurora.  She accepted the Lord in June, 1961, at one of the local Crusade Meetings.  During her years at Nebraska Christian High School the Lord began to work on her heart about missions.  She later moved to Chicago to work in a small mission office.  While attending a mission conference at Moody Bible Institute the Lord gave her a definite call to full-time service in Latin America.  During her time in Chicago, Marilyn went on a missionary trip to Baja, California, Mexico.  At that time the Lord sealed in her heart His calling to Latin America.  In 1966 the Lord led Marilyn to attend a Spanish-speaking Bible Institute in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas.  After graduation, the Lord used Aaron Juett to acquaint Marilyn with the need of a secretary/receptionist at RGBI.  In August 1970 Marilyn met Duane and while continuing their responsibilities of working and studying at RGBI they began working in church planting ministries on both sides of the border.  After marrying in 1971, they left the ministry at RGBI to begin a full-time ministry in Mexico which continues to this date. In 1975, Duane was co-founder of International Evangel Heralds, Inc. (IEHI). The Gibson’s ministry includes teaching, preaching, discipleship training, evangelism, women’s ministries, children’s classes, and translation.

NEW TRIBES              

* Jeff & Judy Roszhart · Brazil

We are Jeff and Judy Roszhart, with our two sons, Jeffrey and Danny.  Brazil has been our home for 20 years as we’ve worked with New Tribes Mission.


* Lonna Rasmussen · Edinburg, Texas

Lonna grew up as a pastor’s kid in Minnesota.  She accepted the Lord as her personal Savior when she was 10 years old.  After graduating from High School in Silver Lake, MN, she attended and graduated from Prairie Bible Institute in Three Hills, Alberta, Canada.  While at PBI she was a member of the orchestra and Brass Choir.  The Brass Choir traveled for several weeks each spring representing PBI.  Lonna married Gary Vasek and lived in Three Hills for 2 more school years so he could complete his studies at PBI.  They lived in MN where Gary worked as a cement finisher and heavy equipment operator during the summer construction season.  In January 1976 they started spending the winter months at Rio Grande Bible Institute in Edinburg, TX, as Winter Workers.  There Gary worked as a volunteer in the construction and  maintenance of the campus facilities.  Lonna helped with secretarial work in the registrar’s office.  During those years God gave them four children.  For 20 years the family continued to work, live and go to school in Hutchison, MN (mid-April to December) and in Edinburg, TX (January through mid-April).  They were also active in their local church ministries: music, youth work, as well as teaching and directing Sunday School and Vacation Bible School.  In 1995 Gary went to be with the Lord as the result of a sudden heart attack.  Lonna continued to work in her church and became an employee in a factory where she assembled and soldered small components together under a microscope to make hearing aids.

Marlin and Lonna were married on July 6, 2000.  Their 8 children live in 7 different states.  They continue to work as representatives of Rio Grande Bible Institute, speaking in churches for single meetings and Missions Conferences, traveling yearly with student music groups, taking groups on a week long Missions Work Team to Mexico, and ministering in RV parks in the Texas Rio Grande Valley in the winter months.



UIM International exists for the purpose of establishing Native Indian, Mexican and Hispanic churches built on the Scriptures and functioning within their cultural orientation in North America.  UIM has 77 families serving throughout North America. UIM’s international office is located in Greeley, CO.  UIM’s focus of ministry is on establishing churches among the Native American and Hispanic people groups of North America.  Currently the UIM Staff is ministering among 22 tribal groups and in many locations in the U.S. and Mexico among the Hispanics.  UIM is in the process of opening a new work among the Hispanics and Natives in Quebec, Canada.  A number of families from Mexico are praying about joining these church-planting teams.  The needs among these peoples are great and we continue to seek direction from the Living Head of the Church as He builds His body.

* Tony & Suanne Harmon · Flagstaff, Arizona

Tony and Suanne are missionaries with UIM International.


1.  We seek out influential Christian Leaders in developing nations

2.  We give them Life-Changing Training

3.  We send each one home to Train 100 others

4.  We achieve Proven Results

*powerful Evangelism

*High-performance Ministries

*Valued and effective Citizens

* Larry & Lorna Epp – USA

*Jeffrey and Angelica Roszhart live in Argentina and are directors for a Christian center for children at risk. The center provides meals, school help, sports, activities, and biblical teaching.