Women’s Retreat

This event is intended for women of all ages & stages of life (high school age & older). Nursing babies are welcome, all other children should be left in the loving care of others.

Friday, Feb 23rd

5:30 pm- Check In
Complimentary Snacks & Coffee Bar

6:30 pm- Praise & Worship
7:00 pm- Message 1: What Are You Chasing?
8:30 pm- Complimentary Snacks & Coffee Bar

Saturday, Feb 24th

8:30 am- Complimentary Snacks & Coffee Bar
9:00 am- Praise & Worship
9:30 am- Message 2: He is Worthy of the Chase
10:45 am- Brunch Service
11:30 am- Praise & Worship
11:45 am- Message 3: The Chase
1:00 pm- Dismissal

Cost $30

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If paying online, please include your full name,
mailing address, email and phone number

Contact: Kerry Gannon 308.627.1870
at Pleasant View Bible Church
307 Manor Dr. Aurora



Cindy blogs for her site CoffeeandCredo.com & is a speaker with Christian Speaking Bureau, Signal Speakers. It doesn’t take long to figure out that she has a passion to share the goodness of Jesus Christ with everyone she meets. This goal spills from the page or the stage & into your heart. Cindy is known to light up the room with the joy of Jesus & contagious laughter!


The Worship Team is comprised of five women who all reside in Central Nebraska with their families. Their passion for music & Jesus makes serving in worship a joy & an honor. All glory to the One who puts a song of gladness in our hearts!

I chased beauty & craved a “perfect” image in the mirror. This chase lead me to an addiction to numbers, hoping that if I got the scale low enough I’d be happy, only to realize numbers are infinite & never satisfy. Then I chased affection, hoping that the affirmation of others would make me feel confident. But I learned that the criticism of man is often louder than the applause of man, & both are fleeting. Then I chased success, desiring to surpass people’s expectations. I soon realized that worldly success never satisfies… it wasn’t meant to. All of these things I’ve chased have lead me back to one place… Jesus.

He is worthy of the chase. What’s different about chasing Jesus? This chase has an end goal. When we chase after Him, we are sure to find Him. Jeremiah 29:13 tells us this: “You will seek me & find me when you seek me with your whole heart.” When we pursue knowing Jesus, we can know that we will reach that goal. After all, Jesus is the ultimate Prize of this life.

Whatever you’re chasing, whether it be perfection, affection, applause, beauty, acceptance, success – know that you weren’t meant to find your hope in these things. You were made to chase Him. In Him you’ll find beauty, acceptance, grace & perfect love. In Him you will find joy, friendship, purpose & confidence. Any other earthly chase will leave you breathless & will get you nowhere. But to pursue Jesus will lead you straight to the cross where all hope & joy is found. There is no greater pursuit in this life than the pursuit of God. Let’s chase after Him all the days of our lives.
(Well-Watered Women)